Chalk [noun]

Definition of Chalk:

liquid produced by mammals

Synonyms of Chalk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chalk:


Sentence/Example of Chalk:

Henry gave his younger sister a gentle pat, as she returned with her workbag and fished for the chalk.

He looked up at Kip, his face chalk white in the uncertain light.

Chalk is a very pure form of carbonate of lime, and where it abounds has been largely employed as an application on the soil.

The best tooth-powders are made from cuttle-fish, prepared chalk, and orris-root commingled together in equal quantities.

He used a machine called a physionotrace which enabled him to make profile drawing in white chalk and in crayon.

Cash had laughed disagreeably and asked Bud what he was going to do—draw a chalk mark, maybe?

This morning when I went I found them cutting into a mound of what looked like solid white chalk.

Chalk woods, &c., settled to admiration, and every thing goes well except the d——d Lovegrove.

Take a piece of chalk, and ask, if you make a circle, whether any boy standing in it thinks he can jump out of it.

It happened in a chalk pit: the man went over the edge quite blindly and broke his neck.