Churning [verb]

Definition of Churning:

mix up, beat

Synonyms of Churning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Churning:


Sentence/Example of Churning:

Dorothy felt very wretched, and set about churning that evening with a heavy heart.

The Boulogne boat had suddenly gone dark, and she heard the churning of the screw.

Next morning churning had again become loathsome, sweeping was hard work, and dinner was a barbarous institution.

The notes mingled with the churning of the screw and fell in the darkness beyond the ship's lights abroad upon the sea.

Rather a curious feature in these parts is that most of the farms have a large wheel for churning attached to the house.

By churning the sour milk in one or other of these ways, the butter is said to be "rich, sound, and well-flavored."

The best time for churning is the morning, in hot weather, and to keep the butter cool till put down.

When sufficiently risen, separate the cream from the milk; put in stone jars, well prepared before churning.

All in a quiver, he champed the bit, and came sidling up the road with arched neck, and foam churning from his jaws.

The baking is done, and now that we are rid of churning—what would poor Rody say to me for selling the milk and making no butter?