Coastline [noun]

Definition of Coastline:

border by water

Synonyms of Coastline:

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Sentence/Example of Coastline:

The War Office forget every now and then other things about the coastline above the Narrows.

To the east there was a precipitous coastline of dark rock which for a while we thought of visiting.

The irregularities in the coastline account for this; the wind tending to flow down to sea-level by the nearest route.

July and August are cold and foggy along the coastline, with strong west winds almost every day.

Our object was to map in the coastline as far east as possible, and the problem, now, was whether to go north or south.

After lunch a turn to the north was made for a short distance in order to come in touch with the coastline.

Still following the rocky coastline, one draws slowly up on Savona.

From the bottom of the pile of documents in the folder, Fielding extracted a map of the nation's coastline.

The coastline of the North Sea was completely altered by these floods.

Holden stared away down the incredible, lifeless coastline at the distant storm.