Shoreline [noun]

Definition of Shoreline:

border by water

Synonyms of Shoreline:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shoreline:


Sentence/Example of Shoreline:

He centered the shoreline of the bay and put on maximum magnification.

Circling the shoreline at a distance of about a mile, a curtain of mist was visible.

All day they rode, roughly following the shoreline to the northward.

For a moment he surveyed the shoreline from his higher vantage point.

He had a mental image of the watchers following the shoreline.

Many of the homes adjacent to the shoreline were shelled by these boats.

There's Hosken's blue boat; you'll find her moored off by a shoreline.

He gazed down on the lake and the shoreline where the hotel would be built, and the places where roads came out of the wilderness.

The work is shown passing beneath an old timber-crib bulkhead, used for stabilizing the shoreline.

Just before they left the shoreline they passed some sort of a flying thing that swooped down to prey on the sea-birds.