Commensurable [adjective]

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In arithmetic he was the first to expound the theory of means and of proportion as applied to commensurable quantities.

In order that the punishments of different classes of crime may be proportional, the punishments should be commensurable.

The possible gain is, I think, in no way commensurable with the probable risks of panic and disorder.

Not that crimes and jests are commensurable or approximable; but they are before the same judge.

Thus we shall have an unlimited number of terms; these will be the numbers called fractional, rational or commensurable.

I wish to know of all your treasonable doings so as to make your punishment commensurable with your merits.

His definitions hold for commensurable as well as for incommensurable quantities.

Secondly, suppose the angle of the creases commensurable with the revolution.

Equal or even commensurable efficiency in education can come only through a like process.

Although the reports are more explicit, they are still couched in general terms, and not commensurable.