Crescendos [noun]

Definition of Crescendos:

increase to climax

Synonyms of Crescendos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crescendos:

Sentence/Example of Crescendos:

That’s what the researchers were really trying to get at by now, as the study reached its crescendo.

The sermon reaches a singsong crescendo with Huling in an Ozzy Osbourne rock-star crouch screaming into the microphone.

The words dropped from her lips in a sibilous 184 crescendo as her blood drove her to a display of emotion.

Now it was plain enough, and began swelling from a purring rattle to the crescendo of an approaching wind storm.

As the drum began to beat the tattoo and the bugle to rise on a crescendo of lovely notes, soldiers swarmed toward the barracks.

The usual cry is a crescendo ku-il, ku-il, ku-il, which to Indian ears is very sweet-sounding.

And it is a mutual crescendo between the 'perfidious Seckendorf' and them; without work done.

Scraggs's voice rose in a crashing crescendo; his teeth clicked together and he shook his skinny fist under the great Gibney nose.

If a crescendo then entered he gradually rose again and at the entrance of the forte jumped into the air.

Her caresses rose slowly and voluptuously in a crescendo, as sea flowers and stars arise from the blue depths in search of light.