Culminate [verb]

Definition of Culminate:

come to a climax

Synonyms of Culminate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Culminate:

Sentence/Example of Culminate:

Finally, in an attempt to be sure that the targeted audience was being reached, an event culminating the work on this project was held virtually.

The frenzy culminated last summer with the release of streaming behemoth “7 Summers,” a track about a long-lost ex that Wallen didn’t even initially plan to include on his album.

“It culminated in the type of civil unrest we saw two weeks ago,” Iqbal said.

Instead, he trained for another four-year “quad” culminating in Beijing 2008, where he won another gold in the 800-meter freestyle relay — his second gold, to go with one silver and two bronzes.

A year-long dispute between franchise legend Trent Williams and the organization’s new regime culminated in Washington trading Williams to San Francisco for two draft picks.

NASA and Boeing say they are getting close to flying, but the rocket still needs to pass the final parts of the testing campaign known as the “green run,” which would culminate with the firing of its engines while clamped down to the launchpad.

This culminated in an exchange with the CEO of a software security called Microstrategy, Michael Saylor, who recently invested $250 million of the company’s treasury in Bitcoin.

Political appointees had meetings Monday and Tuesday, according to two federal officials, which culminated with a reception with food and drink in the secretary’s office.

Protests on social media followed, culminating in programmer Seth Vargo removing a key piece of code from the sharing site GitHub, causing the software to be unusable for several hours.

The event culminated in an inspiring meeting with Pope Francis in the Clementine Hall of the Vatican.