Deducible [adjective]

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She figured it out by deducing that the woman with the camera must be with The Washington Post, and the man next to her, Matt Gontarchick, was her date.

The researchers deduced that two of the passengers on the flight must have acquired the virus with this particular genetic sequence in North America, then boarded a plane where they likely transmitted the virus to two flight attendants.

Having worked on the early stages of the Manhattan Project, Webb eventually deduced that the radiation came from Cerium-141, the byproduct of a nuclear fusion explosion.

Because the hole was the only thing inside space, the authors deduced that its entanglement entropy was rising.

Because dinosaur eggs evolved independently, what researchers have deduced about parental care may represent just one lineage, Wiemann says.

Not only is it not deducible, but it is not even 165thinkable.

The eclipse happened at the time deducible from the tables constructed according to Newton's law, says he again.

Erroneous—that which does not directly contradict the faith, but some conclusion evidently deducible from the faith.

We would by no means charge Dr. Youmans with all the consequences naturally deducible from such a statement.

Here, then, could not exist that commingling of sects, which were deducible in all their varied extravagance from the Bible.