Delineates [verb]

Definition of Delineates:

describe; outline

Synonyms of Delineates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delineates:

Sentence/Example of Delineates:

The following year, the Police Department revised its use of force guidelines by delineating 11 factors that can be used to determine whether a use of force is justified.

In this short study my one idea all through has been to delineate Mohammed as he was and Islam as she is.

Vide Owen's Geological Report, for the first attempt to delineate the order of the various local and general formations.

We also sweep the arc f to enable us to delineate the line A g'.

Here, again, we draw the arc a b c and delineate a tooth as before.

We will now proceed to delineate an escape wheel for a detached lever.

We now come to the consideration of the pallets and how to delineate them.

Who has been able exhaustively to delineate the soul's humiliation?

It is not the purpose, nor is it within the scope of this brief memorial, to delineate the character of this eminent citizen.

The moderns indeed delineate dragons with legs: but I do not know that this was customary among the antients.