Delineating [verb]

Definition of Delineating:

describe; outline

Synonyms of Delineating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delineating:

Sentence/Example of Delineating:

It’s much easier to make note of the attempt than to delineate a conclusion.

Giuliani himself delineated a whole battery of nonsense at last week’s news briefing, claims that were not only presented without evidence but also that depended on purported evidence that the team said it was intentionally withholding.

Despite the museum’s famously nonlinear storytelling, its exhibit halls — the ones that are open anyway — have clearly delineated pathways through them.

As you may have been able to gather by now, the numbers that delineate coverages will almost always tell you how many DBs are deep.

If not, it means that the initial study may be wrong—and scientists can then delineate why and move on.

Several show the author's subtle skill in dialect-writing, and all reveal the hand of a master in delineating character.

The native painter must have executed very much superior work upon the more usual delineating surfaces, such as bark and skins.

With this exception, you will not look for much of Shakspeare's skill in delineating character.

Out of Cruikshank's caricature he comes to us with a tail capable of delineating a whole alphabet of humour.

In delineating these hags, Shakspeare has practically drawn upon old Germanic sources, perhaps upon current folk-lore of his time.