Disarmament [noun]

Definition of Disarmament:

reduction of weapons

Synonyms of Disarmament:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disarmament:

Sentence/Example of Disarmament:

The disarmament is universally considered the first step to an amicable settlement.

France, by clinging obstinately to her desire for revenge, opposes disarmament.

It seemed that they must have agreed upon disarmament before the drinking began.

Does this tend to universal peace, general disarmament, and treaties of permanent arbitration?

The disarmament of the modern world is the dream of an unbalanced mind.

That he would completely sympathize with the Washington aspiration for disarmament was to be expected.

The leader of the German Navy simply bristled with antagonism at any suggestion for peace or disarmament or world coperation.

There could be no question of disarmament, the Kaiser vehemently declared, as long as this danger to civilization existed.

The future peace of the world could no doubt be well guaranteed by a large measure of disarmament.

I shall see Bismarck later, and will then inform you what view the King takes of the proposal for disarmament.