Disbelieves [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Disbelieves:

We must disbelieve the alleged fact, or believe that we were mistaken in admitting the supposed law.

He must still either believe in witchcraft or disbelieve all of the Bible.

Sitting opposite to this cynical man of the world and listening to his talk, Hyacinth came himself to disbelieve in principle.

I disbelieve in this commercial selfishness emphasized in the text.

We should indeed be reduced to a most distressing dilemma, if we were to disbelieve every thing we cannot fully comprehend.

He affected to disbelieve in either love or friendship, and yet was capable of making great sacrifices for both.

Constans and Ulick laughed after the manner of men-kind who find it easy to disbelieve in what they do not understand.

The fathers do not disbelieve in Sunday schools, or they would not suffer their wives and children to go.

Half he does disbelieve, and, under encouraging circumstances, he does disbelieve it stoutly.

"They will not disbelieve me," she said, triumphant as the very devil over a branded soul all hot.