Dispatches [noun]

Definition of Dispatches:

speed in carrying out action

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Sentence/Example of Dispatches:

The information remains private in both cases, even though dispatch centers have access to it.

In a series of dispatches, writers look at new ways to tackle issues from closing the digital divide and mapping insect populations to measuring societal health and encouraging long-term thinking.

Each dispatch might be less in-depth, but still filled with the news-you-can-use, resources, and inspiration you need to better stay on top of a rapidly changing world.

DeJoy has claimed that the lone operational change he instituted was enforcing a stricter dispatch schedule of mail transportation trucks and letter carriers to their daily rounds.

For example, the reforms encourage officers to increase their casual presence in certain communities and include social workers in their dispatch runs.

The Colonel read the dispatch of Captain Duffield, sitting on his bed in his nightclothes.

The Weekly Dispatch's accounts of the next world are well worth staying alive for.

I am pushing the smiths as hard as possible, and you must do the same at your works, that the greatest dispatch may be made.

If the offeree sent a telegram, then he would be obliged to prove the delivery of the dispatch.

Before leaving Verdun he had seen Pierrepont enter the telegraph bureau—to dispatch a message to the Sûreté, without a doubt.