Drunkards [noun]

Definition of Drunkards:

person who is inebriated

Synonyms of Drunkards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drunkards:


Sentence/Example of Drunkards:

Drunkards are not frequent sights in the Quarter; and yet when these people do get drunk, they become as irresponsible as maniacs.

The putrid flesh came away with the garments, but the drunkards never heeded.

They drive men mad—make drunkards, gamblers, swindlers of them.

They were not drunkards, but the cache had given them hopes of drinks.

They are Drunkards, quarrelsome, and so vindictive,324 that they think any sort of Revenge sweet.

We never called the consuls drunkards and foreign merchants thieves.

I refused to go, as there were drunkards and toughs on their knees under conviction of sin.

Now it is possible that if the sermon had been about drunkards, Mr. Decker would have been vexed and would not have listened.

You are all besotted—hag-ridden—drunkards sitting in the stocks, and bowing down to the said stocks, and making a god thereof.

I have broken every engagement since that afternoon I was to address the drunkards at Casterbridge Fair.