Duality [noun]

Definition of Duality:

two of something

Synonyms of Duality:

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Sentence/Example of Duality:

Wave-particle duality turned out to be a symptom of a deep strangeness.

The duality of the Frye twins introduced respective, unique skill trees to unlock.

The new calculations say much the same thing, but without committing to the duality or to string theory.

He saw her struggles and her tears… the mysterious duality working to possess her soul.

They were a duality the constitutive forces of which alternately assumed supremacy.

Duality is the root, out of which alone, for mortals, happiness can spring.

From the top to the bottom of the sexual scale the new being springs invariably from a duality.

I shall merely pause here in my narrative to indicate this duality, this perplexing mixing of personality.

It is superior to Being as well as to Thought, for the latter imply a duality whereas unity is prior to and above all plurality.

Unity comes before duality or plurality, and there is no true unity except in God.