Hen [noun]

Definition of Hen:

domesticated bird

Synonyms of Hen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hen:


Sentence/Example of Hen:

File this under, “Sure, I’ll watch your hens,” said the fox.

You can look at the number of hens laying eggs in this country.

Out of the darkening sky rang the twanging call of a night-hawk, and the cluck of a dozing hen sounded from the foliage overhead.

What can be prettier than a brood of chickens with a good motherly hen, like the one in this picture!

“Well, Hen knows how to kill snakes, but maybe she is a poor judge of character,” laughed Amy.

The storm hath passed;I hear the birds rejoice; the hen,Returned into the road again,Her cheerful notes repeats.

Their manner of talking has been compared to the clucking of a hen, and by the Dutch to the "gobbling of a turkeycock."

The soft “coot, coot” of a hen picking up grain on the old barn floor!

And now that the Infanta is become our Queen, she is come to have a whole hen or goose to her table, which is not ordinary.

I seen him take a egg outer Jimmie Weldon's ear—an' Jimmie swore he didn't have no hen in his head.