Igniting [verb]

Definition of Igniting:

set on fire

Synonyms of Igniting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Igniting:

Sentence/Example of Igniting:

Let him, however, succeed in igniting his adversary, and he was in a good humor directly.

As they gazed it broke into flame, the resinous leaves igniting with a succession of sharp cracks like pistol shots.

Consequently, it is better to reduce it by igniting at a red heat in a current of hydrogen and to weigh it as metallic cobalt.

The filtrate contains the titanium, which is recovered by evaporating and igniting.

Previously igniting the substance sometimes assists the powdering; but it is best to use a steel mortar.

A bright spark flying forth rested a moment among the lightest and dryest of the twigs, igniting there.

It was distilled from saltpetre so long ago as the 13th century, by igniting that salt, mixed with copperas or clay, in a retort.

It is obtained by igniting and then crystallizing the residuum of the distillation of muriatic acid from common salt.

The lighted cigar was for the purpose, if emergency arose, of igniting the fuse of the dynamite.

Fire had swept over it, igniting the upholstery and burning out the entire interior of the bus.