Innovative [adjective]

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According to Schwartz, the proposals are interesting and innovative and are trying to address the criticisms and concerns that police are too separated, physically and culturally, from the communities they serve.

Taking cues from Anthony Fauci’s recent suggestion to hunker down and stay at home this fall, most theaters have cancelled live performances and will continue to engage audiences in virtual, innovative ways.

In order to grow, we had to purchase other companies that did have innovative products.

These are some of the most innovative benefits tailored to the back-to-school season that businesses are now offering their employees.

We value the innovative and caring spirit of our employees and appreciate all they do to meet the needs of our customers.

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of these newsroom leaders, whose depth and breadth of knowledge, life experience, sound judgment and innovative thinking have been crucial to producing some of our best work.

Keia Cole, 39Head of digital experience, MassMutualAs a team, we need to be more innovative to manage shifting priorities, adjust to the new external environment, and accelerate the delivery of certain products and features.

It would also benefit from innovative tech companies competing across borders to offer products and services that improve our lives.

They also displayed a commitment to next-level content and innovative distribution strategies, achieving cultural relevance while reaching audiences through their preferred platforms and content formats.

Therefore, industry leaders must empower creative problem-solving among staff to develop innovative methods of doing business that truly meet the new needs of customers today.