Male [adjective]

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But, importantly, Dawkins argues, you can also see it as an adaptation on the part of the male mouse, a way that his phenotype is manipulating the female’s reproductive timing.

His primary patients — the players — are all male, mostly very young, and of course extraordinarily athletic.

The company that breeds the modified males says it addressed people’s concerns about environmental impacts.

Almost nine in every 10 male skeletons showed signs of cut marks that occurred around the time of death — as did eight in 10 of the female skeletons.

Most consumers are male, while sellers are women, often the family breadwinners.

A healthy majority of the losing candidates in both parties were men, although the main reason for that is simply that more men were running than women, so male candidates had more chances to lose.

Then, both males and females will engage in a campaign of unpredictability.

Since they were surveyed earlier this year, the portion of male business owners who described their businesses’ health as “good” has dropped five points.

At least one hypothalamic subdivision is larger in male rodents and humans.

Others will wait for more action from Facebook with 17% of respondents saying they won’t advertise on the platform until it males meaningful changes.