Noblewoman [noun]

Definition of Noblewoman:

woman of noble birth

Synonyms of Noblewoman:

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Sentence/Example of Noblewoman:

See a letter of Calvin to this noblewoman (Dec. 8, 1557), Lettres franç.

Well, my chick, suppose I were to make thee a noblewoman to-day?

He fell on his knees before the noblewoman and plead with her for mercy.

If a noblewoman's husband dies she need not expect to be a widow very long, for a man is required to manage her fief.

The noblewoman possessed an ideal: to sacrifice herself for her fellow beings; to serve them even at the cost of her own life.

To my astonishment, suddenly I found myself, frightened victim, striving to comfort this noblewoman for my death.

The nobleman of any country will marry the noblewoman of another more readily than a woman from a lower class of his own country.

The noblewoman said, It is very midnight; all the town gates be shut and well barred: how shall we make us forth?

In the thirteenth century she was a noblewoman of Southern France, called de Valours, and was burnt as a witch.

Dinner over, he carried a letter to the merchant which the noblewoman had given him to deliver.