Archduchess [noun]

Definition of Archduchess:

member of royal or important family

Synonyms of Archduchess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Archduchess:


Sentence/Example of Archduchess:

The young king was lured by promises of the hand of an archduchess and the hope of the crowns of both England and Scotland.

The Archduchess, shielded by the velvet hangings with the royal arms on them, was now quite comfortably asleep.

Just now she was absorbed in wondering what would happen to her when the Archduchess discovered this new freak of Hedwig's.

The Archduchess offered him a cup of tea, which he took, although she always made very bad tea.

It was very clear to Nikky from the beginning that the Archduchess's wrath was not for that afternoon alone.

The Archduchess dismissed the governess and the Crown Prince, quite as if he had been an ordinary child, and naughty at that.

When the tablet of his sins was finally uncovered, the Archduchess was less angry and a great deal more anxious.

The scene between the Archduchess and Nikky began in a storm and ended in a sort of hopeless quiet.

The Archduchess Annunciata lighted a cigarette, and glanced across the table at Hedwig.

But now a restrained irritability in the tones of the Archduchess made her glance up.