Gentlewoman [noun]

Definition of Gentlewoman:

member of royal or important family

Synonyms of Gentlewoman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gentlewoman:


Sentence/Example of Gentlewoman:

Like my friend I used to play with in college, who worked in government and quit and now works in Virginia as a gentlewoman farmer, I had seen her maybe once in the last 10 years and now I see her every month.

He is unfit to be called a man, he is unworthy to marry a gentlewoman; and as for that hussy, I disown her.

Mr. Hill came to tell me that he had got a gentlewoman for my wife, one Mrs. Ferrabosco, that sings most admirably.

He sends for the young Sister; very pretty indeed, and a gentlewoman by birth, though penniless.

I will take no less for it, young gentlewoman; it has caused me a world of trouble.

Under other circumstances I should have judged her to have been a gentlewoman.

Her silk stockings and buckled slippers marked a desire to be the gentlewoman.

There is a not mild maternal tigress caged somewhere inside of the gentlewoman.

The gentlewoman, conscious of being robbed, seized the thief by the gown, and she was immediately conducted to the Compter.

This lady had appointed to meet a gentlewoman at the Old Playhouse in Drury-lane, but extraordinary business prevented her coming.