Contessa [noun]

Definition of Contessa:

historically, person who ruled an area

Synonyms of Contessa:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contessa:

Sentence/Example of Contessa:

The Contessa di Lucoli passed in her dog-cart, driving a big roan.

The Contessa Zoya seemed to be occupied with a reminiscence that amused her.

She half wondered if there had been a love affair between him and the Contessa.

“I am so glad to find you in,” the contessa remarked, with evident sincerity, as they seated themselves in the shade.

The first point of interest I was shown here was the room in which the previous Contessa Morelli died.

It was an interesting problem, and the contessa saw definite possibilities in it.

The call upon the contessa left them both with an intangibly unpleasant sensation.

I promised the Contessa Morelli to take tea with her this afternoon, or I would stay home.

“Both surprised and pleased, contessa,” Cerini answered, maintaining his guarded attitude.

Motioning to the contessa, he pointed out a place beside an ancient book-shelf where she could observe without herself being seen.