Rated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rated:

Roughly shaking the Cossack, I woke him up, rated him, and lost my temper.

I thought she rated Kenelm Parker about as high as anybody these days.

A generator operates most efficiently when delivering its rated output.

The style and literary ability of John Blacman must be rated very low.

The preceptorial work is rated at more than half of the entire work of the term.

Mrs. Vint rated him soundly for keeping all this secret so long.

As an acolyte, after all, he rated just barely above a layman; he had no powers whatever.

At the end of the performance he sent for the leader of the claque and rated him soundly.

On this I was rated as purser at twenty-five cents for the trip.

He stormed and rated like an absolute monarch, and an absolute monarch he soon became.