Remembered [adjective]

Definition of Remembered:

thought of

Synonyms of Remembered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remembered:

Sentence/Example of Remembered:

I remembered the helpless kid that Paralus confided to my care.

A moment later Percival remembered his last words, also his reference to Blythe.

When you thought of Kate, you remembered precisely how she sat, how she stood, and how she walked.

I remembered the object of my visit, and struggled for composure.

It had been vaguely present in his mind when he faced the crowd at Martindale, he remembered now.

She had remembered him because of the sad mustaches, that morning, and his big voice.

After a while he remembered his appointment with Katherine at three o'clock.

They remembered the rifle of Andrew and had gone on without making a sign.

It was the first time he ever remembered wilfully deceiving his mother.

I then remembered that I had passed a door on the stair, and went back to try it.