Resurgence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Resurgence:

We are witnessing a resurgence of devilry that is perfectly appalling.

It was resurgence and invasion, violence shaking the very doors of life.

Anne shivered, chilled and sick with the resurgence of her old disgust.

The controversy, however, was by no means ended, and around 1704 it flared again in a resurgence of attacks upon the stage.

We then witness a “resurgence,” or increase, of the previously submerged element.

And each time a prowler had been captured the free ones had retaliated with a resurgence of savage attacks.

And Animism has other enemies in the growth of Positivism, and sometimes in the resurgence of Magic.

But, now, are we prepared to spend less to make a world in which the resurgence of such devilish power will be impossible?

But the most characteristic labor movement of the forties was a resurgence of the old Agrarianism of the twenties.

Of this resurgence of dislike, the Hebrew students had some, though not a serious share.