Sailor [noun]

Definition of Sailor:

person who travels by sea

Synonyms of Sailor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sailor:


Sentence/Example of Sailor:

Finally he disappeared, and, as it seems, embraced the profession of a sailor.

I left the Plato at the quarantine ground, going to the Sailor's Retreat.

He crept to where he lay upon the deck, and called to a sailor who rushed by to help him.

To Margaret the sailor repeated his story, nor could all her questions shake it.

Presently the sailor was shown in, the man who brought him leaving the room at once.

And the little Irish feller sed: "Judge, your honor, I am a sailor."

"I got it 'ere," responded the sailor hastily, fumbling with his tie.

He kept up the habit which he had learned from a sailor friend.

He was always hinting doubts of the veracity of Sindbad the Sailor.

The din and roar of life was to him what the voice of the sea is to the sailor.