Sender [noun]

Definition of Sender:

person who sells goods

Synonyms of Sender:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sender:

Sentence/Example of Sender:

We may take it that the sender of the packet is the man whom we want.

Asaph and Bailey made various inane suggestions as to the sender.

Forwarded free to any sender of two subscribers to this paper at $2 each.

I sent it anonymously to a magazine, and how the editor abused it and the sender!

He was the only one who knew; had he, educated by some spirit of jest, been the sender of the blossoms?

The sender must always face the station to which he is sending.

Urgency of response is determined by the importance to the sender.

And yet, what harm to read this letter and return it to the sender?

There was an opinion among some of the people that the letter should not be stamped by the sender.

Jeannette, indeed, it was who had inspired the message, but its sender was her sister.