Sideward [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sideward:

No sideward glance they cast nor backward did Margaret ever look.

He saw it all with a sideward glance, his attention on the prowler.

Tam Wylie probed him slyly, with a sideward glimmer in his eye.

Cicely demanded, indicating the nurse with a sideward wave of her head.

He gazed at her villainously, out of sideward, blood-shot eyes.

Under these eyes Mary Makebelieve's walk became afflicted with a sideward bias which jolted her against her companion.

The Deacon grew uncomfortable beneath his sideward, estimating eye.

With sideward head she stood some seconds, smiling; and she sighed: "My name is Rachel—"

I again mounted the ass, but found my sideward and unsupported seat only maintainable by a gymnastic of the severest order.

A sideward glance told Lennon that his deadly play had not been heeded by Slade and the Navahos.