Sidewise [adjective]

Definition of Sidewise:


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Sentence/Example of Sidewise:

She glanced at me sidewise from beneath her sweeping black lashes.

A sidewise flick of his eyes showed Naomi just reaching the other window.

He spoke to me sidewise with a challenging flicker of the eye.

Alan made a sudden, sidewise leap, and dashed around a rock.

At the end of that time her curiosity overcame her dignity; she glanced at him sidewise.

She did not try to withdraw it for two—three minutes; then she shot him a sidewise glance.

In sidewise chiseling the chisel is held in the same manner as in paring.

A glimmer of lightning showed her driving off sidewise before the wind.

From there without moving they could get sidewise peeks at the climbing moon.

I said I would, and looked at him sidewise, hesitating, for I wanted to speak to him.