Slanderer [noun]

Definition of Slanderer:


Opposite/Antonyms of Slanderer:


Sentence/Example of Slanderer:

Thanks to you, this enemy of civil society, this slanderer of women, is down.

That she who set285 out to destroy her slanderer should become his slave!

If the slanderer will stand forth and avow himself, I may know how to deal with him.

Burnet was a 'gossiper, slanderer, and notorious falsifier of facts.'

The groomsmen are denouncing him, as he deserves to be, as a slanderer and recreant.

A thief, debtor, slanderer, or defamer may become the slave of the one he has wronged.

If it were not true, he said, the slanderer should be dismissed from the Cabinet.

This did she, and for this I spared not only her life, but the life of her slanderer, Pastor Rad.

The Devildiabolos the slanderer and the sunderer, the principle of divisionreigns.

And yet am I not a falsifier and a slanderer of the deepest dye?