Trumpery [noun]

Definition of Trumpery:


Synonyms of Trumpery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trumpery:

Sentence/Example of Trumpery:

But I might have known that she could not, all at once, wean herself from the trumpery.

There's suffering enough, without adding to it with our trumpery judgments!

Some of them were not trumpery; they were as big as the heavens and the sea.

Do they imagine that I either knew or cared for their trumpery wager!

The trumpery thing had seemed a sign to them, and now the sign was broken.

Who would present a diamond as big as a walnut with a trumpery puzzle?

I wonder—— But I suppose Floyd will save the rest of his 'trumpery' for her!

She must push as vigorously as any trumpery adventuress in May Fair.

I can't think how she came to be satisfied with a trumpery Irish one.

"Showiness" is common in every trumpery village in the land.