Unclouded [adjective]

Definition of Unclouded:


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Sentence/Example of Unclouded:

The fog had lifted, the sun blazed forth in unclouded majesty.

The night of Brock's first visit to the woods was warm and unclouded.

Inviting you to this work I do not promise you fair sailing and unclouded skies.

He does not ask, when the sunbeams fall on his unclouded vision, if it be light.

His face, beaming with unclouded love and trust, seemed to me as the face of an angel.

The harvest moon in the zenith was flooding the world with unclouded light.

And now her wanting me has come just when it isn't her unclouded self that wants me.

The sea was like a mirror in which lay the reflection of the unclouded sky.

But to all who mentioned him in her presence she turned a serene face and unclouded eyes.

His mind was unclouded and he passed from this world calmly and quietly.