Vaccinate [verb]

Definition of Vaccinate:

give a shot to treat or prevent disease

Synonyms of Vaccinate:

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Sentence/Example of Vaccinate:

If I can only see the doctor by himself, she thought, and get him to vaccinate me and say nothing about it.

Dr Earle ought to vaccinate me, but I am afraid to speak to him.

For some inscrutable reason the Rebels decided to vaccinate us all.

As he lay on the nurses lap I was obliged to sit on the ground to vaccinate him.

Infidelity,—that is to say, science,— said: "Vaccinate him."

And I am very anxious that you should come and vaccinate baby next week.

It was enlivened, however, by a communication from the Surgeon-General, proposing to send surgeons to vaccinate all the members.

Do you intend to vaccinate the chestnut and make it immune and then expect it to transmit that immunity in its seed?

Polly told me that yesterday she tried to vaccinate the cat, with a mixture of ground chalk and vinegar!

There was a panic at that time about small-pox, and the doctor came one day to vaccinate everybody in the house.