Verandah [noun]

Definition of Verandah:


Synonyms of Verandah:

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Sentence/Example of Verandah:

On their return Sing was setting the table on the verandah for the evening meal.

He was selecting a table, when a step on the verandah made him look up.

To the left, upon a verandah, was placed an immense prayer-cylinder.

"I'm sure there were," said a new voice, and Peter appeared on the verandah.

FAY was still lying on her long chair in the verandah when Jan got in.

On the verandah the gliding figures were engulfing Franklin; he had fallen.

We had babies in the bungalow and on our verandah, babies everywhere.

But he, too, in spite of his own good reason, moved on to the verandah with the rest.

And he knew that the blind man had passed out on to the verandah.

He had mounted the verandah and was making for the door of the house.