Demonstrates [verb]

Definition of Demonstrates:

display, show

Synonyms of Demonstrates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demonstrates:

Sentence/Example of Demonstrates:

It demonstrates the non-apostolicity of certain Romish doctrines, the beginning of which can be here detected.

The very wonder which they expressed demonstrates the belief of the parents that there was nothing unusual in the conception.

Lastly and briefly, it is not the mode of working, but the result of this working which demonstrates genius.

Nothing demonstrates so clearly the complete absence of esthetic feeling in Shakespeare as comparison between him and Homer.

Nothing more clearly demonstrates the importance of the male or the precision of his function.

This drawing touches the highest level of the draughtsman's art and demonstrates the unique power of the pencil in a master hand.

Journalism ever grows wider, more comprehensive; the whole history of the profession demonstrates this.

An incident occurring some months later demonstrates that the perils from her treacherous neighbors were not purely imaginary.

As the sequel showed, he clearly demonstrates his own perspicacity and knowledge of human nature.

Once more Mohammed demonstrates his great profundity and insight into the character, the customs and traditions of his countrymen.