Advances [noun]

Definition of Advances:

desirous pursuit of someone

Synonyms of Advances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Advances:

Sentence/Example of Advances:

She noiselessly takes the hint, and enters the corridor; Phœbe advances to answer his challenge.

Without the use of these actions most of the advances we are about to chronicle would not have been effected.

Follow the army so long as it advances; then all is well, and even the experience of service may be of use to you.

Concealing her repugnance to his advances, she gently but firmly refused him, telling him her duty was to her aged father.

The first advances in these contrivances were made in those countries, and all our considerable gains have come from their people.

He has a special interest or property in them, and a lien thereon for advances in money that he may make to the owners.

He was kind, but never encouraged her advances; never kissed her, never took her in his lap, or allowed her in his library.

The prisoner with the smoked glasses leaves the line, and advances in response to the guard's call.

One of the ladies advances, lorgnette in hand, and stares boldly at the prisoner.

But as the summer heat advances, the mask of the winter coating goes away, and we may then see the structure of the ice.