Amphitheatre [noun]

Definition of Amphitheatre:

building or enclosure for entertainment or sports

Synonyms of Amphitheatre:

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Sentence/Example of Amphitheatre:

Who has copied the Flavian amphitheatre except as a convenient form for exhibitors on the stage, or for the rostrum of an orator?

Probably, since the world began, no other fire lighted by man had struggled against the gloom of this tremendous amphitheatre.

The bowlders were on all sides, there being a natural amphitheatre several rods in extent.

All over the great amphitheatre the words ran, “The fool Diogenes!”

The clinical lectures are delivered in the Hospital of San Andres, to which an anatomical amphitheatre was attached in 1792.

About twelve o'clock, those who have engaged places in the amphitheatre begin to move towards the Plaza del Acho.

On this artificial ridge stood the temple, enclosed by high walls, rising in the form of an amphitheatre.

A large pool of rain-water, bordered by verdant vegetation, lay near the doorway of the Flavian Amphitheatre.

On three sides of it ran an amphitheatre of rock, varying from six to twenty feet in height.

He was known to the Romans under the name of the Hippotigres, and figured in the sanguinary sports of the Amphitheatre.