Arbitrarily [adverb]

Definition of Arbitrarily:

without delay

Synonyms of Arbitrarily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arbitrarily:


Sentence/Example of Arbitrarily:

It will lift the coastal height limit that’s been set since 1972, arbitrarily imposed on the Midway neighborhood.

Sharma said Google acted “arbitrarily” in the matter while Google said its policies are “consistently” enforced.

We are urging the Saudi authorities to immediately release all arbitrarily detained migrants, and significantly improve detention conditions before more lives are lost.

It’s what drives economic anxiety for patients who have chronic illnesses and have to reload on their supply every month without knowing if a company may arbitrarily raise its prices.

Bad luck seems terrifyingly unreasonable, arbitrarily striking anywhere, out of the blue.

To determine them by a type would be as sure a way of missing the Kind, as if we were to select a set of characters arbitrarily.

I could not drop these words arbitrarily, and yet, if they were excluded, everything would become clear.

Okie arbitrarily judged the gold piece to be worth ten dollars.

He arbitrarily rejected all that had been done before his time.

The mob at last attacked the Bastille, a formidable fortress where state-prisoners were arbitrarily confined.