Aunt [noun]

Definition of Aunt:

member of a family

Synonyms of Aunt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aunt:


Sentence/Example of Aunt:

When Stewart was removed from her aunt and uncle’s home, her aunt thought the girl was returning to live with her mother.

During her time with her aunt and uncle, Stewart received counseling — the only time in her childhood she had mental health services, she said.

Her father, aunt and uncle are known as human rights champions, support other girls don’t have.

A few days after Abundis’ uncle went to the hospital, her aunt followed.

You see, I'd always thought of him as the boy whom Great-aunt Lucia described having seen.

I don't care, it ain't nice, and I wonder aunt brought us to such a place.

The landlady had related the tragic history of the dead mother and the invalid aunt.

One old aunt in particular visited him twice a year, and stayed six months each time.

Aunt Ri was looking forward to the rest with great anticipation; she was heartily tired of being on the move.

Aunt Ri, at her best estate, had never possessed a room which had the expression of this poor little mud hut of Ramona's.