Businessman [noun]

Definition of Businessman:

professional working person

Opposite/Antonyms of Businessman:

Sentence/Example of Businessman:

Gardiner was a shrewd businessman, and not even my head clerks ever suspected my connection with the store that bore his name.

It could start as innocuously as a businessman planning a more effective advertising campaign.

She considered his advice very seriously for he was a practical businessman and yet appreciated what she was trying to do.

I know a successful businessman in Saint Louis, an owner of monopolies, on the profits of which he plays at being a Socialist.

He entered as an American businessman, a camera importer who was also interested in doing a bit of tourist sightseeing.

An administration that would have run the government exactly as a successful businessman runs his business.

I took them on home and on the way down there they kept—they didn't say who it was but this ran through my mind, a businessman.

When I was driving down there they said Dallas businessman kills him, without his name.

Anton, being more a businessman than a lover, at times behaves insensitively toward Nina.

They're very nice people, very rich people, big businessman there on the border.