Centrifugal [adjective]

Definition of Centrifugal:

radiating from a central point

Synonyms of Centrifugal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Centrifugal:

Sentence/Example of Centrifugal:

Both Esbach's, which is very widely used, and the centrifugal method give fair results.

On a curved bridge the centrifugal load due to the radical acceleration of the train.

Four gun-metal centrifugal pumps were fitted for circulating water through the condensers.

To it was attached a string about two feet long, by means of which the centrifugal motion was imparted to it.

Loose gear was rolling and sliding along underfoot, propelled forward by centrifugal force.

The cylinder walls are oiled by the spray of lubricant thrown off the revolving crank-shaft by centrifugal force.

Where the class lines were not tightly drawn, the centrifugal forces in the labor movement were bound to assert themselves.

If an emulsion forms use a centrifugal machine, and evaporate with a small flame.

Then its large centrifugal pumps, driven by electric motors, will pump the water out of the lock.

These big dredges were built with great bins in their holds and equipped with powerful 20-inch centrifugal pumps.