Configurations [noun]

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Since the pliable phase has fewer possible configurations, it has less entropy.

The proof is much more than a readout of all the configurations of variables the computers checked.

For the beads, depending on the shape of the landscape, starting at a higher temperature meant they could more easily rearrange themselves into a configuration that matched a lower temperature.

This particular configuration is indeed the easiest to discover in experiments.

He proposed a model of the solar system that based the distances between planetary orbits on a particular configuration of the five solids.

The interior of the church is broad and lofty, but through its Norman configuration it is stiff and coldly ponderous in effect.

At one particular place an enormous avalanche is an annual event, owing to the peculiar configuration of the gorges.

I point out to you the configuration which is halfway down the garage doorjamb outline.

The pyramidal configuration has resolved itself into an unconstrained grouping of figures.

Art still profounder was perhaps shown in the configuration of the nose.