Deporting [verb]

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Two years later, he signed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, broadening the scope of who could be deported and rolling back the rights of people facing expulsion.

Food was scarce, medicines unavailable, over a million Ghanaians were deported from Nigeria, and the economy was almost bankrupt.

Kristen Gray, an American influencer and graphic designer, is being deported from Indonesia after publishing a viral twitter thread about her low-cost, idyllic life on the island of Bali.

The most comprehensive study, from 2015, found that detained individuals were more likely to be deported over video conference than in person.

Mark Kersey, who is also leaving, already deported himself from the GOP.

As a daughter of undocumented immigrants, Sosa said she has spent the past four years fearing that her parents may be deported.

He would probably try to get you deported to Mexico even though our family has been in Texas for almost 200 years.

Making an exception threatened to render the policy unenforceable for the 500 animals that are deported every year.

If migrants failed to do so, US immigration authorities would deport them to one of those three countries.

“Three girls were deported from here to Ecuador and one of them had the virus,” she said.