Derogates [verb]

Definition of Derogates:

take away

Synonyms of Derogates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Derogates:

Sentence/Example of Derogates:

The appearance of a god in animal form—even in a loathsome animal form—would not derogate from his essential godhead.

In England, beheading is the punishment of nobles; being reputed not to derogate from nobility, as hanging does.

And I trust it will not derogate from your opinion of my worth, that I have known what was due to your Grace's highness.

Again, what you giue to others, you derogate from your selfe.

Musteazem, however, shook his head, to indicate that he was not prepared to derogate so far from his dignity.

Savages in general, and particularly the Maories, have a notion of dignity from which they never derogate.

Neither doth this call in question or derogate from Divine Providence, but highly confirm and exalt it.

When we make observations of this kind we do not derogate from the charm or dignity of women.

The language could not be allowed to derogate from the majesty of the subject. '

It may be suggested, that asking my continuance would derogate from the dignity of Congress.