Dicta [noun]

Definition of Dicta:

saying; proverb

Synonyms of Dicta:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dicta:


Sentence/Example of Dicta:

They will carry out the dictum of Carlyle that the modern university is a university of books.

Nothing can more clearly illustrate Napoleon's dictum, "A la guerre les hommes ne sont rien, c'est un homme qui est tout."

But we doubt whether this dictum enunciates sufficiently clearly the abstract value of morality.

The fallacy, therefore, is dicto secundum quid ad dictum simpliciter.

Ironice dictum, is Calvin's comment, and the words are at least intelligible if so taken.

Doctor Holland regarded Mark Twain as a mere fun maker of ephemeral popularity, and was not altogether pleasant in his dictum.

Mayo, wild thoughts urging him to desperate ventures, snapped out corroboration of that dictum.

I remembered Emerson's dictum about waiting in one's own doorway long enough, and all the world would come by.

The owner of the voice followed this dictum with a quick patter of softly shod feet.

And singularly enough, Elizabeth appeared to be perfectly satisfied with this paternal dictum.