Diplomas [noun]

Definition of Diplomas:

certificate for achievement

Synonyms of Diplomas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diplomas:


Sentence/Example of Diplomas:

He had struggles over the years but was turning a corner and about to be awarded the state’s top diploma, she said.

She’d gone back to school as well, with just five subjects left to finish her high school diploma.

Katie accepted her diploma through the sunroof of the minivan.

I just picked up my diploma and headed to San Diego and started that first show.

Respondents with less than four years of college said they preferred to vote in person, 59 percent to 37 percent, and respondents with a high school diploma or less opted for in-person voting 68 percent to 29 percent.

Nevertheless, Cui did not handle the young composer so severely as on the occasion of his Diploma Cantata.

Nothing distracts them from their aim; they never lose sight of the diploma that will be their bread-winner.

A girl bound for college became immediately an integer with which a young man who had not yet mislaid his diploma could reckon.

I only know Latin, and I have no diploma which would enable me to sell my knowledge at a high price.

As he himself expressed it, he delivered his diploma lecture through his paintings.