Directions [noun]

Definition of Directions:

instructions, guidance

Synonyms of Directions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Directions:


Sentence/Example of Directions:

Bells were pealing and tolling in all directions, and the air was filled with the sound of distant shouts and cries.

The crowd shuffled off in all directions, and then engaged in a confused struggle for the chairs.

It is the experience of such that the voice may be extended in its range in both directions at once.

Here they called a halt for a time, and began to hunt vigorously in all directions, aiming at every species of game.

She withdrew entirely from society and devoted herself to practicing, following his directions implicitly.

Directions for preparing it are given in most of the newer large text-books upon clinical diagnosis.

This result comes only to those who carry out all the directions with genuine alacrity—not shirking one of them.

These directions carried out never fail to make a pupil perfect in remembering proper names.

I need fourteen wire ropes, all pulling in different directions, to hold me steady.

In short, he succeeds to all the interests of the bankrupt, is an officer of the court and subject to its orders and directions.