Dissociation [noun]

Definition of Dissociation:

detachment, separation

Synonyms of Dissociation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissociation:

Sentence/Example of Dissociation:

There seems to be very little known about dissociation, and somewhat vague theories have been advanced to explain the phenomenon.

In certain conditions they are capable of dissociation, and they last for a longer or a shorter time.

Psychologists will explain his experience by the word “dissociation.”

Within ten minutes their dissociation was final and absolute.

The theory of dissociation has, as far as I know, no opponents.

The very elements of dissociation are positively charged, so to speak, and contain creative power.

So soon as the temperature reaches the dissociation point at which the compound can no longer exist, combustion ceases.

These it is which appear to be an efficient cause of dissociation, and which, therefore, limit the temperature of flame.

This may vanish from the physical plane, but it can undergo no further dissociation on it.

After the third dissociation but one more is possible; the fourth dissociation gives the ultimate physical atom.