Ditched [verb]

Definition of Ditched:

get rid of

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Sentence/Example of Ditched:

Third, the complete Waun Mawn stone circle had an estimated diameter of 110 meters, the same as the ditch that encircles Stonehenge.

In fact, food scraps like orange and banana peels can take up to two years to break down in the wild, meaning they’re going to be sitting alongside the trail or in a ditch by the road for a lot longer than you might think.

They’re a perfect fit for an otherwise stock vehicle because they can be easily mounted as ditch lights.

Charges were freely made, now, that the railroad had deliberately ditched its friends, and all that.

Then one of them said something which stimulated the others to frantic flight down the highway away from the ditched car.

You said Gallagher ditched your car: did it block the track?

I did n' wan' ter ride it that night, 'cause she wuz purty bughouse, 'n' I felt she'd get ditched ef we tried it.

Well, 'bout a year 'n' a half ago I got ditched there one night in a little town not far from the main line. '

The night after our arrival, and before the tents were ditched, it rained cats and dogs.

The ground around the lodge was ditched, and the sods piled around the bottom of the skins.